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Best‐in‐class Maize harvesting for silage of highest quality.

Single Row Forage Harvester for unmatched chopping quality and high cost-effective operational efficiency, making it the most suitable machine for dairy farmers and silage contractors.


Best‐in‐class Maize harvesting for silage of highest quality.

Single Row Forage Harvester for unmatched chopping quality and high cost-effective operational efficiency, making it the most suitable machine for dairy farmers and silage contractors.


High Chopping Quality, Better Feed Efficiency.

Evenly chopped maize and cracked kernel helps in making a high quality silage. CLAAS JAGUAR 25 has specially hardened 12 knives made from high grade cutting tool steel and toothed crushing bars mounted on a flywheel, which rotates at 1450 rpm, shears cobs and stems perfectly.

Tough knives are positioned in such a way on a specially designed chopping flywheel that it ensures the proper chopping of the forage material and crushing bars helps in cracking the kernels/grains.

Additional fitment of rasp bar in the flywheel casing helps in cracking and crushing the hard kernels. More than 70-75% kernels are cracked in JAGUAR 25 which helps in producing silage that is easy to digest for your herds. No additional power is required even in case of hard and dry crop.

Uniform and even chopping length is the key to good quality silage which is ensured by the smooth crop inflow into the machine.

Good quality silage means better milk production without any additional cost for buying feed supplements.


  • Two Stage Foldable Chute

    Discharge chute can be folded at one end for road transportation easily without using any tool and at other end to clear it in the event of choking of flywheel casing or discharge tube.

  • In-built Sharpening Tool

    In built sharpening tool as standard fitment enables you to sharpen the knives at work whenever it is required without removing them and ensures the uniform and exact length of the chopped forage.

  • Crop Guider

    Helps in avoiding the free fall of tall crops and ensures, every plant is fed inside the feed rollers.

  • Crop Divider

    Maximum crop intake, no wastage. Solid sidewalls and the feed trays with spring tined retainers are freely movable to adjust the unevenness in the ground, if any. This helps the dividers to reach the bottom so that even bent or laid maize plants are taken inside the feed rollers.

  • Feed rollers with overload protection

    For smooth crop inflow, two large upright infeed rollers with high grip rasp of teeth and scraper bar are designed to feed the pre compacted maize. Straight line intake of the crop helps in achieving the accurate preset length of chopping. Safety clutch protects the high grip roller from overload and foreign solid bodies.

  • Easy and Quick Coupling

    With Practical three point hitch linkage design, JAGUAR 25 can be coupled with a tractor by a single operator easily. 6 different positions for the top link allows adjusting of JAGUAR 25 to tractor wheel gauges ranging from 1.25 m to 1.90 m.

  • Discharge chute

    Discharge chute angle can be adjusted at the throwing outlet end to control the distance and position of the stream of chopped forage thrown in the trolley.

    Discharge Chute Extension:

    Optionally available chute extension increases the length by 500 mm and helps in efficient discharge and makes sure that nothing is lost even when you are loading trolley in parallel to the machine.

Self-Sharpening Cutting Discs:

No matter how fast you drive, your JAGUAR 25 will leave clean stubble behind it. Self-sharpening rotating cutting discs cut the maize plants cleanly and low down.

Large Grinding Stone:

Covers the full width of the knives and ensures knives are sharpened from end to end.

Powerful discharge:

Behind each of 12 knives there is an impeller blade which gives a powerful thrust to the chopped forage material to blow into the trolley.

Tractor Mounted Discharge Chute Control:

Discharge chute can be controlled mechanically from the operator’s seat. From the tractor seat only you can set the deflector plate and swing the outlet tube towards the rear and side of the tractor. With this arrangement both trailed and parallel trolley loading operations are possible.

Reliable and Durable Gearbox:

JAGUAR 25 gearbox is designed with heavy duty material like bearings, seals, other crucial parts and overload protection gears.

Trolley hitch:

JAGUAR 25 is fitted with a trolley hitch as standard.