Cab + Comfort.

Your workplace in the JAGUAR.

CLAAS comfort cab

In the JAGUAR, there is simply nothing to distract you. The steering column and operator's seat can be adjusted to suit each and every operator. Thanks to the clearly laid-out displays and controls, you will feel at home in the JAGUAR in no time.

Easier than ever.


Your operators can access all the machine functions quickly and easily thanks to the new CEBIS with a touchscreen. The most important adjustments can be made directly by means of switches on the armrest. Operating the JAGUAR is intuitive and is possible without previous knowledge. This means that even new operators can quickly handle the machine safely and reliably and use its performance capacity to the full.

Precise operation is ensured under all conditions, whether it's a question of negotiating a bumpy field or an operator who is just getting used to the system.
The operator can adjust or operate the JAGUAR in four ways, as required.

CEBIS touchscreen.

The new CEBIS terminal reacts to a simple tap on the touchscreen. You have direct access to all the machine functions – e.g. to CEMOS AUTO PERFORMANCE. 

CMOTION favourites management.

You can program seven settings as favourites and access them by rocker switches on the CMOTION control lever. You can therefore concentrate on watching the front attachment and crop flow while your hand remains on the CMOTION control lever - when raising/lowering the upper discharge chute, for example.

CEBIS rotary/push switch and pushbutton.

Using the rotary/push switch with the Escape and Favourites buttons, you can easily navigate the CEBIS control panel, even when operating in bumpy terrain, to perform tasks such as sharpening the knives or adjusting the shear bar.

Direct adjustment via switches.

You can operate a selection of seven basic functions directly by means of assigned switches, e.g. to adjust the working width with the section switch.