Press release

CLAAS reduces series production at Harsewinkel in a controlled manner

The ongoing spread of the corona virus and increasing restrictions within the supply chain cause CLAAS to reduce series production in Harsewinkel in a controlled manner until the end of next week. It will initially be discontinued for three weeks until 17 April. While many national and international CLAAS locations continue to work, production in France had already been scaled back last week.

„We are prepared and can act, as a family business, after the experiences in China, Italy, France and other countries, from a position of strength. Our harvesting technology is system relevant for the nutrition of the world’s population. Thus, the point now is to organize this controlled reduction of series production socially acceptable and to gather all strengths for the immediate tasks,” explains Thomas Böck, CLAAS CEO.

Currently, an agreement on short-time work and short-time compensation is being drawn up with the employees at the plant and the controlled reduction in series production is being initiated.

“We will provide as many machines as possible to the market. At present, a broad range of new and used machinery that are available at our dealers will help us,” says Böck.

Except from the controlled slowdown in Harsewinkel will be those divisions that can continue their work despite difficult conditions. This includes, amongst others, the machine and spare parts shipment as well as reconstruction and finishing. Spare parts production and special audits will as well continue.