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Experts sought in all professional areas.

Find out all about jobs at CLAAS and read about our company.

Jobs + Careers

Experts sought in all professional areas.

Find out all about jobs at CLAAS and read about our company.

CLAAS in India

CLAAS India is a wholly owned subsidiary of CLAAS group of Germany with Headquarters at Faridabad and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility 25-acre land at Morinda, near Chandigarh. This facility houses manufacturing, R&D and other business support functions. CLAAS in India also has a state of the art Warehouse facility and Regional Sales Headquarters for South at Bangalore, Karnataka.

Learn, grow and witness.

CLAAS respects the unique background and experience of every employee, and provides opportunities globally for its employees to learn, grow and witness their career development path. CLAAS is special because it is a family-owned enterprise with a long-term, forward-looking approach which is based on the commitment of its employees. CLAAS has successfully completed 25 Years in India and has been instrumental in changing the Indian Farming Landscape.
We have a shared understanding of teamwork, partnership and being able to rely on one another other. This commitment to fulfill our respective responsibilities is taken very seriously by our staff. There is a good reason why the people who work for us are happy to call themselves Claasians: They identify themselves with our company.

Retaining talented employees.

We are very proud that length of service is valued very highly in our company. Retaining talented employees is critically important, and the Group recognizes that the best way of earning employee loyalty is by providing them with opportunities for development and progression, and with competitive compensation and benefits schemes.
The company continues to invest in and improve its managerial and technical capabilities through internal development and training of its employees across Europe, India and South East Asia. The focus is on engaging employees across levels and developing capabilities through training and development initiatives.
Honest, transparent and clear communication between the management and employees at all levels is inherent to the culture of the CLAAS Group.

Discover your career opportunities within CLAAS India on the following pages:

  • Onboarding at CLAAS in India


    Onboarding is the process of interviewing, hiring, orienting and successfully integrating new employees into the organization's culture. The goal of our New Employee Onboarding Program is to demonstrate to the new employee that people are the number one priority at CLAAS and that we want every employee to be successful within our organization.

    Welcome to CLAAS:

    This onboarding program can help the new employee feel welcomed into our organization. This step-by-step manual also provides activities to reduce the new employee’s anxiety by giving him/her the information and resources they need at the appropriate time.

    Provides an Overview:

    This onboarding program gives the new employee an overview of the following:

    • Company history and profile
    • Organization Structure and overview of departments
    • Quality policy and quality objectives
    • Environment, Health and Safety policies
    • HR policies and systems
    • Code of Business Ethics and Conduct

    Establish Clear Expectations:

    This program provides opportunities to address expectations of job responsibilities and standards of performance and behavior with the new employee. This program indicates specific time-periods to clarify short-term and long-term objectives and goals.

    Opens the Lines of Communication:

    This onboarding program establishes open communication between the new employee and the supervisor from the start of employment. This type of honest on-going communication benefits both the new employee and the supervisor in the long run.

    Build Key Relationships:

    This program assists the new employee in forming the necessary relationships critical to his/her success at CLAAS and in their new position.